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A Husband and His Gift

George’s wife Felicia Had been complaining for some time that she wanted to lose weight. George did notice his wife had put on a few extra pounds but wouldn’t dare say a word to hurt his wife’s feelings. Felicia would say things like,” I need to lose weight, I can’t even fit in my favorite jeans any more. George do you think I look big? ” George would quickly reply, “No babe, you look great the way you are. Don’t beat yourself up to much about it. We can always buy more jeans.” His wife turned visibly upset by his comment and stormed of saying, “You just don’t care about how I look.” George left it alone as he knew that if he was to say anything else she would only get mad at him.

A few months had gone by with no further incident about his wife’s weight issue. That Saturday was Felicia’s birthday and George was very excited to give his wife her girt. He had put a lot of thought into it this year. During dinner George jumped from the table and said, “stay right here, I am going to get your gift!” As George came back his wife smiled with surprise as George gave her a dozen roses and a nicely wrapped gift box. George was very excited for his wife to open her gift and couldn’t wait saying, ” hurry up, you’re going to love it!” Felicia tore into the wrapping in a hurry as she could not wait to see what was inside the box. Her eyes were lit up and a grin from ear to ear. As she reached inside the box her face turned from excitement to confused. George couldn’t contain himself and shouted, ” It’s the new diet pills from GNC and a year membership to our local gym!” George knew he got it right this time. Suddenly the bottled fly’s by his head. George flinched as he backed up to see what was happening. His wife jumps from the table and begins hitting George with the dozen roses over the head shouting, “How can you be such an asshole! I can’t believe you think I need to lose weight!” George was scared out of his mind and ran for the front door to avoid getting beat to death by the roses shouting, ” I thought you would like it to help you get back into your favorite jeans!” Felicia started crying and she was very upset say to George, You are the rudest husband in the world! You don’t love me at all!”

This actually happened. If your wife or girlfriend ever asks you questions about weight, do not say anything that might upset them. I will say, diet pills and gym memberships are not the best idea if your loved one is having problems with their weight. Take it from me, a guy who has been married a few times.


The Reason I write!


I was diagnosed with a very rare autoimmune disease in April 2010 called Antiphospholipid Syndrome. This disease destroyed my life and left me disabled. For six months I could not even walk, I sat in my bed and watched television. So many thoughts and emotions were going through my mind, I was going stir crazy in my four walled cell. I decided to start writing everything down just to clear my thoughts. For a while writing was therapy for me, and my mind was able to clear up like the clouds parting ways after a winter storm. It felt great to be able to focus back on my life and live for the day. I kept writing because it had started to become second nature, my therapy started to turn into an obsession.

At one of my doctors appointments my physician mentioned that I should write a book. Of course I laughed thinking that there was no way a regular “Joe” like me could write a book. My vocabulary for one was very limited, so I thought. What my doctor had said to me was stuck in my mind, like a post it on the refrigerator. I started to thumb through all my writings and started to build confidence that maybe my doctor had something in what he said. I started to organize the mess I had written down, and soon realized I had the makings of a great Memoir book. I started reading as many books on the subject as I could get ahold of. Researching endlessly on the Internet for tips and clues as to how I could actually turn this obsession into something the world could read.

So, here I am today. Blogging, face-booking, and spending hours on end building my skills as a writer. A few years ago I would have never thought that I would be here today. I have come a long way from scribbling on a note pad, and I can only hope that the world is ready for me.