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The Reason I write!


I was diagnosed with a very rare autoimmune disease in April 2010 called Antiphospholipid Syndrome. This disease destroyed my life and left me disabled. For six months I could not even walk, I sat in my bed and watched television. So many thoughts and emotions were going through my mind, I was going stir crazy in my four walled cell. I decided to start writing everything down just to clear my thoughts. For a while writing was therapy for me, and my mind was able to clear up like the clouds parting ways after a winter storm. It felt great to be able to focus back on my life and live for the day. I kept writing because it had started to become second nature, my therapy started to turn into an obsession.

At one of my doctors appointments my physician mentioned that I should write a book. Of course I laughed thinking that there was no way a regular “Joe” like me could write a book. My vocabulary for one was very limited, so I thought. What my doctor had said to me was stuck in my mind, like a post it on the refrigerator. I started to thumb through all my writings and started to build confidence that maybe my doctor had something in what he said. I started to organize the mess I had written down, and soon realized I had the makings of a great Memoir book. I started reading as many books on the subject as I could get ahold of. Researching endlessly on the Internet for tips and clues as to how I could actually turn this obsession into something the world could read.

So, here I am today. Blogging, face-booking, and spending hours on end building my skills as a writer. A few years ago I would have never thought that I would be here today. I have come a long way from scribbling on a note pad, and I can only hope that the world is ready for me.